Podtrac Services for Publishers

Podtrac is the leader in measurement and advertising for premium online shows and audio and video podcasts.

Podtrac provides publishers with free audience measurement and demographic research for their shows, and best practices for show attributes and formats which resonate best with audiences.

For content creators who have achieved a significant audience, Podtrac also serves as their business and advertising partner providing expert advertising representation and advertising program management. Podtrac enables publishers to grow their audiences.

Audience Services

Podtrac provides the following free services for online shows and podcasts:

  • Measurement - Expert audience measurement services and reports
  • Demographics - Audience demographics in conjunction with Mediamark and TNS
  • Website Player - A customizable player for your website

Advertising Services

For high-quality shows with a minimum Podtrac verified audience count, Podtrac can also provide advertising representation and integrated advertising services.

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